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Business of Brands 2019

We just came back from yet another top industry gathering, INTA organized spring conference under the tag line Business of Brands where we explored trends in creating, managing and adjusting Brands to business realities and corporate changes.

With a famed shoe designer Stuart Weitzman as a key note speaker sharing the story of his brand from the time it was conceived to the time is was sold to Tapestry, a new umbrella corporation for three leading luxury apparel brands COACH, Kate Spade and now Stuart Weitzman, the conference was a treasury of time proven ideas, practice tips and case studies for handling brands in 2019.

From brands with the edge of promoting social responsibility to hilarious cease and deceased tactics focused on underlying business circumstances rather than bullying and power struggles offered by NETFLIX and Anheuser Busch, the conference offered us and consequently our clients huge leverage.

Feel free to reach out if you feel your/your client's brand needs our insight and localized tips on how implement those strategies in Ukraine and / or Russia.

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