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Effective January 1, 2017 Official Filing fees for Eurasian Patent Applications including PCT Entries are increased by 15%. Filing Fee - 28000 rub or 410 euros (used to be 25500 rub – 373 euros). Substantive Examination fee is now - 30000 rub or 439 euros (used to be - 373 euros).

Notably, Substantive examination fees are now to be aid for each independent claim appearing in the set of claims. To remind, the examination fees prior to current increase were limited to 5 independent claims in a single application. The applicants are encouraged to draft the claims with this in mind henceforward.

Granting Fee for Eurasian patent - 18000 rub or 263 euros (used to be – 234 euros).

The proceeds are set to be used for the development of the Eurasian patent system.

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