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Trademark Practice

Trademark Search  | Trademark Filing and Prosecution | Trademark Enforcement | Madrid Refusals|  Portfolio Management


  • extensive practical exposure handling over 1000 trademark matters for high profile clients
  • attorneys with Advanced Degrees from world's leading Intellectual Property Programs
  • attorneys trained at leading Global Law Firms
  • prosecution and enforcement facilitated both in Ukraine and Russian Federation
  • market knowledge and competitive rates
  • record overcoming refusals under Madrid Protocol in Ukraine and Russian Federation
  • significant cost savings addressing refusals in both jurisdictions

Trademark Services

Trademark Search in Ukraine and/or Russian Federation

official search and/or same day clearance search and availability opinion; monitoring

Trademark Portfolio Management 

renewals, transfers, chain of title recordals with the Ukrainian Trademark Office

Trademark Filing and Prosecution in Ukraine and/or Russia

strategy, filing of the application, drafting responses to office actions, facilitating payment of fees 



Overcoming Provisional Refusals under Madrid Protocol

to extend protection of the international trademark registration to Ukraine and /or Russia

Enforcement of the Trademark Rights in Ukraine

monitoring infringements; cease and desist letters,registrations of the tm rights with customs


We have the trademark expertise that you need

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