We believe that successful patent prosecution and translation practice is a combination of  vision and expertise of the founding partners, experienced attorneys and top subject matter experts and technical translators, well-trained scientific project management team and customized technology. We all work in synergy delivering better value to our clients around the world.


D&L IP practice was conceived by registered Patent Attorneys of Ukraine Liudmyla Portna and Diana Portna with extensive technology background, local and  international patent prosecution expertise and vision for the next big thing in the patent world -client centered, budget-consious approach to global patent filings where quality translations and expert strategic counseling are key to effective IP protection and mitigation of litigation risks. The founders understood that this practice should be not just about making money attorney style, it is about building quality relationships with clients, sharing expertise, connections and learning and growing from the experience. 

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Diana Portna 

Patent Attorney of Ukraine No 212

 Director of Operations


Liudmyla Portna

Patent Attorney of Ukraine No 150

 Managing Partner


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Russian Patent attorney

Eurasian Patent attorney


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Subject Matter Experts and IP Specialists


TRANSLATORS BY Subject matter

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Medical Devices
Sample Bio
Genetics and Immunology
Computers and IT
Oil and Gas mining
Mechanical Engineering
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