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Reflecting current market needs and building on our unique expertise in patent linguistic gained with 20 years of patent prosecution experience, we developed complementing patent translation segment of the practice operated as D&L PATENT - Center for Patent Translations and Services, utilizing the extensive and yet handpicked pool of highly sophisticated freelance and in-house translators/proofreaders/reviewers. Many years of working relationship with the translators, established in-house onboarding and training, allow us to fine-tune the operations to timely deliver ready-to-file patent translations through rigorous multi-tier quality control process. We are proud to be able to offer our selected clients quality patent translation product in ENG/RU and ENG/UA language pairs at highly competitive rates. Leveraging the fact that all our translators have bilingual proficiency in both Russian and Ukrainian languages, we are in a position to provide second pair of translation at half the rate of the base translation.




D&L IP GROUP was formed in 2003 by registered Patent Attorneys of Ukraine - Liudmyla PORTNA and Diana PORTNA as a continuation of one of the oldest IP practices lead by the first IP firm in Ukraine dating back to 1995.                          

D&L IP GROUP comprises International Patent and Law Firm D&L Consult -  an IP Boutique and D&L Patent - International Center for patent translations and services focusing on ready to file attorney reviewed IP translations. 


D&L's Intellectual Property prosecution and enforcement practice in Ukraine, Eurasia, Russia is based on profound local expertise with attorneys practicing locally and internationally since the establishment of the local Intellectual Property system in 1993, having advanced legal degrees from US ABA accredited law schools and extensive record of cooperation with the western corporate world.


The practice is focused on:


  • PCT National Phase Entries in Ukraine, Russia and Eurasia 

  • prosecution and post-registration procedures

  • conducting trademark clearances and filings,


We successfully assist clients with:

D&L's services have become an indispensable contribution to the establishment of the effective Intellectual Property programs directed to Eastern European markets.

To augment that, closeness to the Ukrainian Patent and Trademark Office as well as established relations with examining attorneys ensure smooth and efficient prosecution of PCT national phase entries into Ukraine, Eurasia and Russian Federation, trademark and design applications, including submission of amendments, responses to office actions, annuity payments, transfer and license recordals.

Attorney's opinions on trademark availability and inherent registrability, memoranda on feasibility of the infringement or non-use cancellation action in Ukraine, recommendations on claim amendments, analytical reports on legal issues of interest, fee estimates and day-to-day correspondence will match the highest quality standards for discerning clients.

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