Liquidation of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the optimization of the state central executive system of intellectual property protection.

Resolution makes following provisions :

- Liquidation of the State Intellectual Property Service (SIPS);

- Transfer of functions concerning the state policy in the field of intellectual property to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;

- The transfer of the State enterprise "Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute", State organization "Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights" and the State enterprise "Intelprotection" from sphere of management of SIPS to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Adoption of the resolution will make it possible to optimize the structure of government intellectual property, simplify the management of its subsidiaries and to make it more flexible, prompt and efficient, implement effective management of public sector organizations and businesses of intellectual property.

According to the Concept, these measures is the first step towards the introduction of the transparent two-tier structure of the state system of intellectual property protection and the creation of the National Office of Intellectual Property.

The State Intellectual Property Service will continue to function until separate Act of the Government will enter into force.

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